Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 10-43-58 5 Best Microphones for YouTube 2020 – YouTube

The 5 Microphones for YouTubers 1. Blue Yeti mic ($120) Good for screen recording, ASMR, podcast, boom mic, simple music recording, or just a general stationary studio 3 capsules 2. Rode VideoMic shotgun mic ($80) Simple setup for vlogging, traveling, walking around, or even in a studio - this is great for simple editing May need to de-ess in premiere 3. Zoom Handy series ($120) Great for interviews or other situations where you hold the microphone. This can also act as a mobile version of the Blue Yeti This is also an excellent recorder if you choose to use a lav mic 4. Sony or Power DeWise lavalier mic ($20) Excellent audio, close to the body, great for studio videos in which you move around, interviews, or other videos where you are too far away for a shotgun mic to work well You will need a recorder of some sort - can use the onboard camera audio jack, or else a phone (if you have the right adapter) 5. Onboard phone mic Dependent on the phone you use - this is the first step for a budget setup

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